Object Oriented PHP

    Object Oriented PHP

    The best way of programming is to used object based approach. Generally we divide our work in to classes. The programming approach which is easy to use and not to repeat the code again and again.

    Understanding Objects and Classes

    Class and object is basic building block of object oriented approach so first we have to understand what they are and how they works.

    no follow links in phpbb3

    On this occasion we will explain how to add the rel = "nofollow" to all links and fill in the post in our forum phpbb3. Note that this new version has a feature called magic_url we automatically detects and converts http:// tag directly in a URL. Therefore we must modify two files corresponding to magic_url and width within the bbcode. Let the magic_url: download the following file: includes / functions_content.php. Once downloaded, open it and go to line 629 or look for this switch ($ type). Let's change the variable $ html as follows: Original: $Html = "$ whitespace


    Drupal is the world's no. 1 Content Management System of PHP having large number of contributed modules and themes. Its a open source and very easy to use. I personally recomend this for a quality and very rapid web development. Drupal 7 provides enhanced support of caching, site become much more faster and build more rapidly. Its easy to theme is drupal 7 providing great support

    Mohit Sharma