How to resolve line-height issue in safari?

    It seems that there will be some issue with line height in safari. Try by making elements margin 0. like
    .check p {
    h1,h2 {

    or you can write seperate css styles for safari with in following block in your css file

    @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) {
       /* Your Safari Specific css goes here */

    Note: The above block will also work for Opera

    How to remove space between image and div ?

    To remove space between image and div you have to user vertical-align:top; for image
    <div class="newdiv">
    <img src="test.jpg" alt="test" title="test" style="vertical-align:top;"/>

    How to center the image in a div?

    Removing vertical scrollbar in IE textarea

    Use overflow:auto;